1001 Midi Music Files

What is a midi file?

Midi Files stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It basically allows instruments to talk with computers and vice versa.

What is a Midi File?

What can midi files be used for? The most popular uses are; Webpage Background Music, Video Games, Karaoke, Importing into software like Fruity Loops, and Ringtones. Midi files are very small in comparison to the standard MP3 or Wave audio formats, but again this is because Midi Files are not actually sound but rather.

Size of Midi Files vs. Wav Files vs Mp3 Files

  • Typical Midi Song (25KB)
  • Typical MP3 Song (4MB)
  • Typical Wav Song (50MB)

See the difference? These are a few reasons why people in general like the midi file so much.

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